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1st Prize for the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016

A team of students from MINES ParisTech, composed of 4 doctoral students from the Center de Robotique and a pupil of the last year of the civil engineer- ing cycle, won a first Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016 in the “technological innovation” category. The team receives this award after a competition of more than 1300 proposals.

Jacques Aschenbroi presents the first prize to the DOWS team

Congratulations to Eva Coupeté, Florent Altché, Philip Polack, Sofiane Mahiou and Xiangjun Qian!

All results are available on the Valeo Challenge Innovation website.

Best paper award at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux

The paper “Autonomous driving at intersections: Combining theoretical analysis with practical considerations” won a Best Paper Award at the ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux.

The paper was written by Arnaud de La Fortelle (Director of the Robotics Centre and holder of the Chair Drive for All) and Xiangjun Qian (PhD student at the Robotics Centre) as part of the work on the European project Autonet 2030 and within the Chaire Drive for All.

Abstract :

The move towards automated driving is gaining impetus recently. This paper follows the approach of combining theoretical analysis with practical issues. It gives an insight of some practical problems that are encountered when running automated vehicles in real environments, using intersection crossing as a major example. The aim is not to try to be exhaustive but to show some criteria (safety, efficiency, reactivity, resilience, scalability…) for decision making in automated driving that have to be balanced before any mass deployment. In a second part we introduce mathematical tools that can help define algorithms and systems that improve current state of the art. We will also show some perspective for accommodating the hypotheses of these mathematical tools with real life constraints.

Read the paper

Best rated session award at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux

The session SIS25 on “theoretical and technical challenges for automated” won the Best rated session award at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux.

Best rated session award at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux.
Best rated session award at ITS World Congress 2015 in Bordeaux.

This session has been the opportunity to present the theoretical and technical challenges for automated driving from different perspectives. Indeed the speakers were coming from all around the world, and with an academic or industrial focus.

The session has been organised and moderated by Arnaud de La Fortelle (MINES ParisTech, Center for robotics), in collaboration the following speakers:

The Chair Drive for All was well represented during this session (PSA Peugeot Citroën, Valeo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of California at Berkeley and MINES ParisTech). This award is a strong encouragement for the research carried out in the Chair Drive for All.

Summary of the session:

Automated driving research has been up to now mainly concentrated on sensor-based vehicle automation. Most current automated vehicles are therefore performing autonomous driving meaning every driving decision is taken within the vehicle. While sensor based systems have demonstrated automated driving in platooning scenarios, highly automated driver assistance or driving in unstructured environment, fully automated driving in broader contexts still requires further research and development. Much effort needs to be undertaken to achieve safety performance superior to that of a human driver, despite the inferior general cognitive capabilities of computers with respect to humans, and this is a prerequisite to creating the public acceptance and trust needed for their deployment. This session aims at providing some insight of what research labs and automotive industry have identified as the next key steps, how research handles these problems and how the results are being integrated into automotive roadmaps.