The Chair

In spite of the recent advances, there are still many very challenging problems that Automated Ground Transportation needs to overcome to be deployable in large areas, such as the safety of the system, perception and understanding of the surrounding, interactions with pedestrians and vulnerable road users, cooperation between vehicles, etc. These topics have some technical solution today but more research is required in order to better understand them.

The sponsors have active internal research activities as well as external research in collaboration with universities and research institutions. However, bilateral contracts would not be adequate for the ambition of the project that implies intense exchanges both at the academic level and at the technical level. Therefore they have concluded that a Chair would be the best solution for these academic exchanges and they agreed to associate with MINES ParisTech to coordinate the Chair due to the long track of collaboration with MINES ParisTech and the expertise of the Center for Robotics in that domain.

The Chair will organize the research as well as workshops, training and internships in the domain of Ground Automated Transportation, notably the safety of systems, control, perception, maps and localization, cooperation and communication.