Séminaire « Service-oriented Cooperation of Driverless Vehicles—from model, mechanism to simulation »

La Chaire Drive for All est heureuse de vous inviter à un séminaire sur « Service-oriented Cooperation of Driverless Vehicles—from model, mechanism to simulation » présenté par le Prof. Kailong Zhang de Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi’an, China).

Ce séminaire aura lieu de 10h30 à 11h30 le mercredi 29 mars à MINES ParisTech.

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Prof. ZHANG Kailong is an associate professor in school of computer science and technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China, since 2010. He obtained his MS degree and PhD degree at 2003 and 2009 respectively. He has been connected with Networked Embedded Computing and Technology Laboratory in NPU since 2003. Now, he is also a researcher and the assistant director of Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Embedded System Technology.
He has been conducting studies on intelligent embedded computing and real-time intelligent systems, covering the architecture, adaptive real-time computing, intelligent mechanisms and design methods for autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems. From 2012 to 2014, he was a post-doctor with the CyberCars program of the Center of Robotics in Mines ParisTech, Paris, France, mainly working on the cooperative mechanisms of multiple driverless vehicles by using state-driven automatic control and vehicular ad-hoc networks. In the field, he has undertaken/participated several China national/provincial important research projects, such as NSF projects and NDRC project. He has published more than 60 academic papers on international journals and conferences, such as IEEE Trans on ITS, IEEE Communication Letters, and IEEE ITSC etc. In recent years, he has won several awards for his research, including a HP scholarship (2006), a Shaanxi Provincial first Prize award of Science and Technology (2006), and a Chinese Ten Youths Award in Embedded System Domain (2011).
Now, he also serves as the program committee member and reviewer to several international journals, typically including “IEEE Trans on ITS”, “Elsevier-Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications”, “Oxford-The Computer Journal”, “Elsevier- Ad Hoc Networks”, “Wiley-Security and Communication Networks”, “Chinese Journal of Computers”, “Chinese Acta Automatica Sinica”, and also to serial international conferences, IEEE PiCOM, IEEE ICESS, IEEE/ACIS ICIS etc.